Coal Seam Gas (Coal Bed Methane)

Coal Seam Gas

In major coal resource ‘basins’ there are many coal seams existing from close to the surface to those many hundreds of metres underground. Coal seam gas was formed when the coal itself was formed and has been held within the coal under pressure. The gas is largely composed of the gas methane which is also the principal component of natural gas.

  • Methane Gas Hose
  • LPG Hose
  • Natural Gas Hose

PHF currently supply products to major oil and gas companies throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We manufacture 6mm – 600mm hose assemblies that can be custom made on request.

The materials available are stainless steel corrugated flexible hose and rubber gas flexible hoses. Both these products are AGA approved. We are accredited to Gas Approval Standard AG 216 and our Stainless steel corrugated hose will be manufactured on request to standard ISO 9001:2008 and also to International Standard ISO10380.