Tagging & Traceability

Hose tagging

At Pacific Hoseflex, we understand the importance of proper identification for ongoing management and maintenance. We offer metallic and non-metallic tags that can be customised to include specific data on all manufactured products and assemblies.

Contingent upon the requirements of the client, we tag all assemblies with specific data including:

  • Job number and purchase order number
  • Description
  • Test pressure
  • Working pressure
  • Date
  • Approvals

This information is included on the Test Certificates which are also supplied.

Tagging 1


All manufactured products are engraved with a unique number that ensures traceability and can be linked back to Pacific Hoseflex’s in-house Inspection Test Produce (ITP), Material Certification and Quality control measures. Traceability of products conforms to Quality Management System ISO 9001.

We also maintain details at PHF to allow for traceability and records management.


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Why is end-to-end tagging and traceability important in the manufacturing process?

End-to-end tagging and traceability play a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the lifespan of a product.

It allows access to a range of information, such as Inspection Test Procedures (ITP), material certifications, and quality control measures, ensuring that the entire history and quality of the product can be tracked.

How does Pacific Hoseflex ensure traceability for its products?

Pacific Hoseflex implements a robust traceability system by engraving each product with a unique identification number.

This number can be linked back to the company’s in-house Inspection Test Procedure (ITP), material certifications, and quality control measures. This enables seamless traceability throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Does Pacific Hoseflex provide customised tags for identification?

Yes, Pacific Hoseflex offers both metallic and non-metallic tags that can be customised to include specific data on all manufactured products and assemblies.

This customised tagging enhances traceability and ensures that each assembly can be easily identified, tracked, and managed throughout its lifecycle.

What role does tagging and traceability play in regulatory compliance and safety?

Tagging and traceability systems are instrumental in meeting regulatory requirements.

By easily tracking and addressing any issues, Pacific Hoseflex ensures prompt action on recalls and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

The ability to trace the materials used in the manufacturing process contributes to a safer working environment and reinforces compliance with relevant safety guidelines.