Asset (Hose) Management

Asset (Hose) Management System for Traceability

Pacific Hoseflex has developed and implemented an Asset (Hose) Management System that offers clients complete traceability. Our system is flexible and can be customised to accommodate the specific needs of individual clients

It’s compatible with iPads and tablets, iPhones, laptops, computers and has a user-friendly interface with customer portal pages that are multi-browser compatible. For existing customers, our 24-hour online customer portal is view only with a unique customer login. New customers¬† will need to contact Pacific Hoseflex to set up a username and password by emailing

Reports from our Asset (Hose) Management System are developed to ensure clients are fully informed as to the status of their hose assemblies.

asset hose management system

How to use our Asset (Hose) Management System

Within our Asset (Hose) Management System you can attach certification, tag information, pictures and other related files. A fully-developed database is hosted within our secure server and we manage the program with limited actions by other admin personnel to ensure accuracy and security of data.

The management system allows you to search for customer details, phone, email, test details, assembly requirements, client specification and hose condition. It also includes information regarding test and manufacture dates, due dates, recall dates, scheduled maintenance and current location.

asset hose management

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What Asset (Hose) Management System is offered by Pacific Hoseflex?

Pacific Hoseflex has developed an advanced Asset (Hose) Management System that provides you with complete traceability of your hose assemblies. This system allows you to effectively track and manage your hose assets, ensuring transparency and control over their maintenance and performance.

Can the Asset (Hose) Management System be customised to meet your specific requirements?

Yes, our Asset (Hose) Management System is highly flexible and can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs. We understand that each client may have unique preferences and specifications, and our system can be customised accordingly to provide a personalised experience.

How can you access our hose assembly information using the Asset (Hose) Management System?

We provide a convenient 24-hour online customer portal that allows you to access their hose assembly information.

This secure portal is accessible through various devices such as iPads, tablets, iPhones, laptops, and computers. With a unique customer login, you can view essential details about your hose assemblies and stay informed about their status.

What kind of information and features are available in the reports generated by the Asset (Hose) Management System?

Our reports from the Asset (Hose) Management System are designed to provide comprehensive information about the status of hose assemblies.

They include details such as certification, tag information, pictures, and other relevant files. Our fully-developed database ensures accurate and secure storage of this information, allowing you to access important data related to customer details, test details, assembly requirements, hose condition, maintenance schedules, and more.