Pipe Work & Hose Installation

Fitting, installing and commissioning fluid transfer products

Pacific Hoseflex has over 20 years experience in fitting, installing and commissioning fluid transfer products. Extensive client consultation and negotiation is conducted for each product to ensure the installation provides maximum performance and meets client expectations. Each project will be negotiated with the client to guarantee we meet all requirements.


Accurate and quality installation

To ensure accurate and quality installation, Pacific Hoseflex technicians:

  • Develop a specific project plan for each project
  • Allocate the appropriately trained and qualified staff to complete the tasks
  • Provide the correct PPE and equipment
  • Develop safe works method statements
  • Develop inspection and test plans
  • Agree (with client) realistic and achievable time frames and outcomes
  • Provide project completion documentation, warranties and complete achievement(s)
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How does Pacific Hoseflex ensure accurate and high-quality hose installations?

Pacific Hoseflex ensures accurate and high-quality pipe work and hose installations by following a comprehensive approach.

We develop specific project plans, assign trained and qualified staff, provide the necessary equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE), and implement safe works method statements.

Our focus on inspection and test plans ensures that every step of the hose installation process adheres to stringent quality standards.

What is the process followed by Pacific Hoseflex technicians for each pipe work and hose installation?

Our technicians at Pacific Hoseflex follow a meticulous process for all pipe work and hose installations. This includes developing a specific project plan, assigning trained and qualified staff, providing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment, creating safe works method statements, developing inspection and test plans, and setting realistic time frames and outcomes in consultation with the client.

How does Pacific Hoseflex guarantee that client requirements are met for each hose installation?

At Pacific Hoseflex, we prioritise client satisfaction and ensure that all project requirements are met.

Through extensive client consultation and negotiation, we tailor our approach to meet specific needs of all pipe work and hose installation. We work closely with clients to understand their expectations, and each project is negotiated to guarantee that all requirements are fulfilled.

What documentation and warranties are provided upon project completion by Pacific Hoseflex?

Upon completing a project, Pacific Hoseflex provides comprehensive project completion documentation, including relevant test certificates.

We believe in maintaining transparency and ensuring our clients have all the necessary documentation when receiving our products.