Couplings – Swivel Joint

Posted on Nov 09, 2016 | News

Pacific Hoseflex swivel joints are used in a range of configurations to remove stresses in all three planes of movement. Within the fluid transfer industry, the major cause of hose and expansion joint failure is because of torsional movement. Swivel Joints, also referred to as rotary unions, allows torsional movement of a piping system. When designed into a piping system, swivel joints extend the life of flexible components exponentially.

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Swivel Joint Construction
Bearing type:aaaa
Stainless Steel
Bush Type:
PTFE / Brass / Ertalon LFX Nylon
Life Span:
5 years (Depends on installation, operating conditions and maintenance)
Pipe loading:
Capable up to 150Kg (Higher on Request)
Size Available:
1/2’’ – 8’’ (Larger on Request)
Max Temp:
– 50°C – 700°C
Low hand driven Rpm:
(Bush type – Fluoropolymer)
High Machine Rpm:
(Bush type – Needle roller / bearings)

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