Encapsulated PTFE Chemical Hose: A high-performance solution for harsh environments

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In all industries, it’s critical to have the right chemical hose for the job. When you’re dealing with high-performance applications, such as in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries, having the right chemical hose can make a big difference. 

Today we shine the spotlight on the Encapsulated PTFE Hose – a top-performing option that can exclusively be sourced through Pacific Hoseflex, the sole company in Australia and New Zealand providing this type of service.

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About the Encapsulated PTFE Chemical Hose

Our Encapsulated PTFE chemical hoses are flexible, and high-performing and are made with a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) tube, with encapsulated connections. It’s the perfect hose for harsh environments as it is highly resistant to chemical and thermal degradation

The encapsulated connections are designed to inhibit the build-up of bacteria between mating connections, which makes them suitable for applications such as food and beverage manufacturing, cosmetic or pharmaceutical when cleanliness and hygiene are critical. 

These PTFE hoses are built strong, and able to withstand high temperatures, corrosive fluids and low and high pressures. This makes them useful in various industries and applications, from chemical and pharmaceutical to cosmetic and food and beverage.

Encapsulated PTFE Hoses – applications

Pacific Hoseflex Encapsulated PTFE Hoses are suitable for various applications in a wide range of industries. 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical: Our Encapsulated PTFE chemical hose is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry, where hoses are subjected to high temperatures and corrosive fluids. 

Food and beverage industries: Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is critical in food and beverage manufacturing processes to ensure the product taste or safety of the product isn’t compromised. The specialised encapsulated connections of the Encapsulated PTFE Hose prevent bacteria from building up, making it a popular hose for milk and dairy processing plants. 

Why choose Pacific Hoseflex Encapsulated PTFE Chemical Hoses? 

Pacific Hoseflex is the only company in Australia and New Zealand that can provide this high-quality encapsulated PTFE hose.  We provide the most hygienic PTFE chemical hoses on the market. 

Our Encapsulated PTFE Hose is flexible, with a stainless steel outer braid that offers mechanical strength and further protection against abrasion. It is FDA Approved, Accepted by the U.S. Coast Guard, PTFE Perfluorocarbon Resins, meeting FDA 21 CFR 177.1550. 

The Pacific Hoseflex team has the experience and extensive knowledge to guide you and give you the best advice to find a hose solution that suits your application. Chat with a product expert today to learn more about our Encapsulated PTFE Hoses and if they’ll be suited to your application. 

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