How do you choose sanitary hoses and fittings for the pharmaceutical industry?


When it comes to choosing hoses and fittings for the pharmaceutical industry, you can’t compromise on hygiene. The stringent requirements make it essential for your manufacturing processes to be clean and precise to ensure the integrity of your operations. 

As experts in pharmaceutical hoses and fittings, we’re sharing some of the key considerations to keep in mind when choosing products for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Material matters

Not all materials will work efficiently for sanitary and compliant pharmaceutical operations. For pharmaceutical fittings, stainless steel is the best choice, as it’s corrosion-resistant and withstands extreme conditions. They are also easy to clean and sterilise, perfect for applications where hygiene is non-negotiable.

Our Vitalflex® Hose is the perfect example of a high-quality stainless steel hose that is designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. They offer exceptional durability and reliability. They are made from high-quality materials and are corrosion-resistant, abrasion, and extreme temperature variations. 

Compliance with industry standards

We’re aware that pharmaceutical manufacturers have to adhere to strict industry regulations, so when choosing hygienic hoses and fittings they should meet all necessary standards, including FDA, EU Food, USP Class VI, Anti-static (AS), EN;16643 & Material Certification.

Sealing and compatibility

High-quality seals are vital to ensure you prevent any contamination and that your pharmaceutical products stay pure. Our pharmaceutical fittings and couplings are engineered to offer robust sealing solutions to boost the integrity of your pharmaceutical processes. They offer considerable compatibility with other components including hoses, pumps and valves, to ensure an efficient process. 

Pharmaceutical hoses

Easy cleaning and maintenance

To minimise downtime and avoid the risk of contamination, hoses and fittings need to be easy to clean and maintain. Hoses and fittings with smooth, crevice-free services will help facilitate thorough cleaning and sterilisation.

Pacific Hoseflex’s Vitalflex® hoses are designed with cleanliness in mind, making them a suitable choice for pharmaceutical applications where hygiene is important. 

Options for customisation

Every pharmaceutical facility has its own set of unique requirements. At Pacific Hoseflex, we offer a range of hygienic hoses and fittings that are available in different sizes, connections and configurations, allowing you to tailor them to your requirements. 

Tagging and traceability

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, tagging and traceability is essential. It’s important to ensure your hoses and fittings come with traceability records. Traceability assures that you can seamlessly link to the product’s Inspection Test Procedure (ITP), material certification, and quality control measures. 

Pacific Hoseflex has implemented a robust traceability system, ensuring all vital information is readily accessible and you can track the history and quality of the product. To enhance traceability and identification, all assemblies purchased from Pacific Hoseflex are tagged, with specific data that is tailored to meet your needs. 

Buy pharmaceutical hoses and fittings from the experts

Don’t trust anyone to supply hoses and fittings for your pharmaceutical processes. Always work with experts who supply products that are specialised for the pharmaceutical industry as they can provide you with guidance and help you choose the right fitting or hose for your needs. 

Pacific Hoseflex has years of experience helping the pharmaceutical industry by supplying quality hoses and fittings for pharmaceutical applications. We have an impressive track record for supplying high-quality, hygienic pharmaceutical hoses and fittings to a range of clients across the world. 

Contact our experienced team if you’d like to know more about our pharmaceutical hoses and fittings. 

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