Water treatment

Fluid transfer solutions for water treatment

Pacific Hoseflex is equipped to meet the diverse requirements for fluid transfer products within the water treatment industry. We have a wide range of products that are designed and manufactured to be durable, efficient and reliable.

We understand the importance of water treatment processes and offer a variety of flexible hose assemblies, fittings and couplings that are engineered to handle the complexities of water treatment applications.

Our assemblies are designed to handle the transfer of various fluids, such as chemicals, wastewater, and purified water while maintaining the integrity of the system. With a focus on chemical resistance, these products are constructed using materials that withstand corrosive substances and maintain optimal performance throughout the water treatment process.

Explore our comprehensive range of products and let us be your trusted partner in the water treatment industry.

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Internationally Recognised Standards

Our unwavering commitment and dedication towards providing exceptional quality is evident in our continuous improvement of procedures and manufacturing practices.

Our certified quality management system includes various internationally recognised standards.

Flexible hose assemblies

Industry leaders in fluid transfer products for the water treatment industry

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