Rubber Expansion Joints

At Pacific Hoseflex, we offer a range of high-quality rubber expansion joints that are suitable for a variety of applications. Trust us for all your rubber expansion joint needs and experience the difference in quality and performance.

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Versatile and Stable Rubber Expansion Joints

When you’re seeking impressive stability, resilience and pressure capacity, rubber expansion bellows act as versatile connectors for both suction and delivery applications in industrial settings.

Pacific Hoseflex’s Rubber Expansion Joints are available in sizes ranging from 32 mm to 500 mm, with a diverse selection of flanges and materials including EPDM, Neoprene, and natural rubber.

Widely used in heating, air conditioning, marine, and sewage systems, they facilitate essential motion and flexibility in piping systems, proving indispensable in shipboard piping, sewage treatment, and air scrubber applications.


Effective Noise and Vibration Mitigation

Rubber Expansion Joints also play a crucial role in nuclear and fossil fuel plants, compensating for thermal expansion and contraction in condensate lines, steam turbine exhaust lines, and cooling water systems.

They are effective at mitigating noise and vibration, acting as shock absorbers in pumps and centrifuges. Their ability to manage thermal movement ensures that piping stress is alleviated, while advanced reinforcement techniques enhance their resistance to vacuum forces, making them reliable solutions for diverse industrial ducting systems and marine environments.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are rubber expansion joints mainly used for?

Rubber expansion joints are mainly used as connectors between vessels operating at different temperatures, accommodating both suction and delivery applications.

What sizes are Pacific Hoseflex rubber expansion joints available in?

Our rubber expansion joints are available in sizes ranging from 32 mm to 500 mm, catering to various piping system requirements.

Which industries commonly use Pacific Hoseflex rubber expansion joints?

Our rubber expansion joints are commonly used in heating and air conditioning systems, marine environments, sewage plants, industrial systems, and nuclear and fossil fuel plants.

What are some key features of rubber expansion joints that make them ideal for shipboard piping systems?

Our rubber expansion joints are compact, resilient, and possess low stress properties, making them ideal for shipboard piping systems where space and flexibility are crucial.

How do rubber expansion joints help mitigate noise and vibration in industrial systems?

Rubber expansion joints act as shock absorbers within industrial systems, effectively reducing noise and vibration caused by forces in pumps or centrifuges.

How are rubber expansion joints reinforced to enhance their functionality?

Rubber expansion joints can be internally reinforced with tough flexible fibres and advanced moulding techniques to increase their resistance to vacuum forces and enhance their suction capabilities.