VITALFLEX® – Jacketed Hose Assembly

VITALFLEX® – Jacketed Hose Assemblies


  • Heated processes
  • Rail car and tank truck loading/unloading
  • Marine Transfer
  • Flexible connections to vibrating equipment
  • To relieve pump housing stresses
  • Hazardous material piping system using an alarmed vacuum jacket
  • Safety barrier for toxic processes
  • Leak detection systems
  • Liquified food transfer systems
  • Chlorine transfer
  • Cryogenics (fast freezing)
  • Hydrogen, Liquid nitrogen, CO2, argon, and Liquid oxygen
  • Bayonet Connections
  • Vacuum environment
  • Cryogenic insulation (foam radiant heat insulation)
  • Inner and outer pipe spacers


VITALFLEX® stands at the forefront of innovation with its Jacketed Hose Assemblies, offering a versatile solution tailored for various applications.

Designed to excel in heated processes, rail car and tank truck loading/unloading, marine transfer, and flexible connections to vibrating equipment, these assemblies prove indispensable in diverse industrial settings. Additionally, they play a crucial role in relieving pump housing stresses, ensuring operational efficiency.

The Jacketed Hose Assemblies can be used as a safety barrier in hazardous material piping systems with alarmed vacuum jackets and as part of leak detection systems. They also contribute to the reliability of liquified food transfer systems, facilitate chlorine transfer, and operate seamlessly in cryogenic environments, specifically in fast freezing processes.

VITALFLEX® continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the complex demands of a wide array of industries through its innovative Jacketed Hose Assemblies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size range is available for VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies?

VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies are available in a versatile size range, catering to different applications from 1/4’’ to 16’’.

What materials are used in the construction of these hose assemblies?

These assemblies are constructed with high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability in various industrial environments.

What temperature range can VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies withstand?

VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies exhibit exceptional temperature resistance, withstanding temperatures ranging from -276°C to +700°C, making them suitable for a wide array of applications.

What industry standards do VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies comply with?

VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies adhere to industry standards such as AS 1170, AS 4041, ASME IX, and ISO 10380, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality and safety benchmarks.

How do these hose assemblies operate in cryogenic environments?

VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies operate seamlessly in cryogenic environments, specifically excelling in fast freezing processes, showcasing their versatility in a wide range of industrial applications.

How do these hose assemblies contribute to operational efficiency in industrial settings?

VITALFLEX® Jacketed Hose Assemblies play a crucial role in relieving pump housing stresses, ensuring operational efficiency, and maintaining the integrity of various industrial processes.