Calculate Offset Formula

1. Offset Motion
Offset motion occurs when one end of the hose assembly is deflected in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis with the ends remaining parallel.

Formula: L=√6RX+X² Lp=√L²-X²

L = Live hose length (inches)
Lp = Projected Live Hose Length (inches)
R = Minimum Centre Line Bend Radius for constant flexing (inches)
X = Offset Motion to one side of Centre line (inches)

* Formula must only be used in inches

Note 1: when the offset motion occurs to both sides of the hose centre line, use total travel in the formula; i.e. 2 times ‘’X’’

Note 2: The offset distance ‘’X’’ for constant flexing should never exceed 25 percent of the centre line bend radius ‘’X’’

Note 3: If the difference between ‘’L’’ and ‘’Lp” is significant, exercise care at installation to avoid stress on hose and braid at the maximum offset distance

2. Horizontal Movable Pipe System

L= 4R+1.57S

H1= 1.43R+0.785S

H2= 1.43R

3. Vertical Movable Pipe System




Illustration of Mark
S: Volume of Variation
L: Length of Variation
0: Angle of Variation
π: Pi 3.142
R: Min centre line bend radius for constant flex
Lp: Project live hose length

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