Metallic Expansion Joints Movement

Axial Movement 300x300

Axial Movement

Axial Compression is the dimensional shortening of an Expansion Joint along its longitudinal axis while axial extension is the dimensional lengthening of the expansion joint.

Lateral Movement 300x300

Lateral Movement

Lateral Deflection is the relative displacement of the two ends of an Expansion Joint perpendicular to its longitudinal axis.

Angular Movement 300x300

Angular Movement

Angular Rotation is the displacement of the longitudinal axis of the Expansion Joint from its initial straight line position into a circular arc.

Concurrent Movements

Concurrent movements are developed when two or more movements in a pipe system occur at the same time.

If multiple movements exceed single arch design there may be a need for additional arches.

To perform calculation for concurrent movement when a pipe system design has more than one movement, please use the following formula:


Actual Axial Compression + Actual Axial Extension + Actual Lateral (X) + Actual Lateral (Y) = / <1

Rated Axial Compression + Rated Axial Extension + Rated Lateral (X) + Rated Lateral (Y)


Calculation must be equal to or less than 1 for expansion joint to operate within concurrent movement capability.