Product Standards

Our fluid transfer products can be made to adhere to the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) guidelines.

Our Quality Starts with Safety and the Environment.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
AS 4801, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ISO Standards:

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) creates documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose. All of our fluid transfer hoses and other fluid transfer products can me made to adhere to these standards on request.

Standards Key:

AS = Australian Standard

AS/NZ = Australian and New Zealand Standard

AGA – Australian Gas Association

BS = British Standard

EN = European Standard

SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers

DVN GL = Det Norske Veritas (Norway) and Germanischer Lloyd (Germany).

Below is a list of common standards we manufacture to. Please advise your sales representative if you require your product made to these standards so we can apply the standard to the manufacturing processes and procedures.

Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose

ISO 10380:2012 Corrugated metal hoses and hose assemblies
WMTS 520:2016 WaterMark Semi-Flexible Metallic Hose Assemblies
AS 4631-2005 Limited flexibility connectors for gas 

AGA Certified 6724

AS 2475 Threaded Hose Connection Fittings for Bituminous Materials


AS4041:2006 Class 1 Pressure Piping
ASME B31.3:2008 Process Piping
ASME IX:2010 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
AS/NZS 3992:1998 Pressure equipment—Welding and brazing qualification

Rubber/Composite hose

AS 2554-1982 Hose and hose assemblies for air
AS 2683-2000 Hose and hose assemblies for distribution of petroleum and petroleum products (excepting LPG)
AS 2660-1991 Hose and hose assemblies – air/water – For underground coal mines
AS 2117-1991 Hose and hose assemblies for petroleum and petroleum products – Marine suction and discharge
AS 2594 Hose and hose assemblies for liquid chemicals
BS 5842:1980 Specification for thermoplastic hose assemblies for dock, road and tanker use
BS EN 13765: Type 1 & 3 Thermoplastic multi-layer (non-vulcanized) hoses and hose assemblies for the transfer of hydrocarbons, solvents and chemicals.
EN ISO 17464 Pneumatic tubes for automotive vehicles
EN ISO 8031:2009 – 4.7 Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies — Determination of electrical resistance and conductivity
IMO IGC code International Gas Carrier Code (IGC Code) The International Code for Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk adopted by IMO by resolution MSC.5(48).
AS/NZ 1869 Hose and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gases (LP Gas), natural gas and town gas
BS EN 13766:2010 Thermoplastic multilayer (non-vulcanized) hoses and hose assemblies for the transfer of liquid petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas.

PTFE hose

SAE 100R14 Smoothbore PTFE tube with high tensile SS 304 braid
FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 PTFE Perfluorocarbon Resins meets Accepted by the U.S Coast Guard

Gas hoses

AS NZS 1869-2012 Hose and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gases (LP Gas), natural gas and town gas
AGA Certified 7625
AS 4631-2005 Limited flexibility connectors for gas
AGA Certified 6724
EN1762 Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gas, LPG (liquid or gaseous phase), and natural gas

Expansion joints and hard piping

ISO 9022 Optics and optical instruments
EJMA Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Standards
AS 1210 Pressure Vessels
AS 1554 Structural steel welding set
AS 4041 Pressure Piping