Safeguard your manufacturing process with high-performing non-metallic hoses

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If you’re in the manufacturing industry, a reliable and efficient hose system is essential for ensuring seamless operations and product quality. High-quality non-metallic hoses demonstrate exceptional performance and versatility in manufacturing processes, making them a top choice for safeguarding your operations. 

With their enhanced chemical resistance, lightweight design, and resilience to extreme temperatures, non-metallic hoses from Hoseflex are engineered to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Discover the many benefits of Pacific Hoseflex non-metallic hoses: 

Enhanced chemical resistance

We understand that manufacturing applications require hoses that are designed to provide superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals. This will minimise downtime or issues caused by chemical interactions or hose degradation.

Our non-metallic hoses are engineered using advanced materials that can withstand corrosive substances without compromising their integrity. This works to ensure the purity of your products and safeguard your manufacturing process from chemical interactions. 


For manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industry, it’s essential to use hoses that are bacteria-resistant. These specialised hoses are designed to prevent bacterial growth and contamination, safeguarding your manufacturing processes and providing peace of mind. 

The smooth inner and convoluted outer of the Slickflex® hose ensures there’s no place for bacteria to survive. Both the Slickflex® and Encapsulated hoses can be manufactured entirely encapsulated, made with the fittings or flanges overlapping with the PTFE liner to create one of the most hygienic hoses on the market. 

Lightweight and flexible design

High-quality non-metallic hoses are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to manoeuvre within your facility and simplifying hose installation and maintenance.  They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to ensure the perfect fit. 

Our Slickflex® hose combines ultimate flexibility and durability and has the most innovative design to provide exceptional performance and reliability. The unique construction of the Slickflex® hose features a smoothbore inner tube and a convoluted outer layer. This ensures excellent flow rates and kink resistance. 

Resilience to extreme temperatures

Many manufacturing processes subject hoses to extreme temperatures and any hoses you utilise need to perform under these conditions. Our non-metallic hoses are designed to withstand both high and low temperatures, ensuring consistent performance even in the harshest operating environments. This is especially important during processes in chemical manufacturing, food and beverage production and pharmaceuticals. 


At Pacific Hoseflex we offer a wide range of non-metallic hoses that cater to a diverse range of applications in the manufacturing industry. Whether it’s for transferring fluids, gases, or abrasive materials, our high-performing hoses offer exceptional reliability and longevity. From pharmaceutical and food processing to petrochemical and aerospace industries, these non-metallic hoses have proven to be a dependable choice for various manufacturing processes.

Pacific Hoseflex provides a wide range of non-metallic hoses, including: 

Non-metallic hoses – Pacific Hoseflex

Non-metallic hoses from Hoseflex can significantly enhance the efficiency, safety, and reliability of your manufacturing process. Their innovative materials, chemical resistance and temperature resilience make them a superior option for manufacturing processes. Safeguard your manufacturing operations with these innovative non-metallic hoses, ensuring smooth production and consistent product quality.

Discover our range of non-metallic hoses online or call our product experts to learn more about our high-quality products.

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