The benefits of handheld XRF analysers for industrial hose applications

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Handheld XRF analysers are a critical tool in our industry as they allow for fast, accurate and non-destructive identification of the material composition of industrial hoses. This process is a key focus point of Pacific Hoseflex to ensure we only supply the highest quality products. 

What are handheld XRF analysers? 

XRF stands for X-ray fluorescence and it’s a powerful, non-destructive technique for measuring elemental composition, from Magnesium (Mg) to Uranium (U), from parts per million to 100%. Handheld XRF analysers are portable, giving us the flexibility to test on the spot. This portability is especially helpful when products are large or heavy. 

The results of the non-destructive material identification are shown on a built-in LCD, listing all elements and their concentrations. Our analysers are programmed to identify stainless steel material grades but can give readings on all metallic materials.

How it works

  1. The analyser is pointed at the sample surface and produces an X-ray.
  2. The atoms in the sample absorb the X-rays and become ionised. 
  3. The ionised atoms emit characteristic fluorescent X-rays.
  4. The analyser detects and measures the energy and intensity of the fluorescent X-rays. 
  5. The analyser uses this information to identify the elemental composition of the sample.

Benefits of handheld XRF analysers

Industrial hoses are used in various applications to transfer liquids, gases and other materials. They are often exposed to harsh chemicals, high temperatures and high pressures, so it’s crucial they are made from suitable materials to withstand these conditions. 

Accurate identification

The main benefit of these analysers is their ability to accurately identify materials. They can identify specific alloys and chemical composition within the hose and using X-ray, identify even the most complex materials including alloys, polymers and ceramics. 

It’s critical to know the composition of a hose to ensure it’s suited for your application. Material identification is essential as the composition of the hose composition can have a significant impact on its physical and chemical properties. Its composition can affect the hose’s resistance to chemicals, temperature and pressure. 

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Better quality control

At Pacific Hoseflex, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver superior quality products and excellent service to meet customer needs across a diverse range of industries. Handheld XRF analysers increase our ability to improve quality control. 

We don’t have to rely on anyone else to identify the composition of our industrial hoses. Using our handheld XRF analysers we can verify the material composition of our hoses to ensure they meet all required specifications and our customers know exactly what they have ordered. 

Identifying the material composition of your hoses before we send them ensures they will meet all performance standards and reduce the likelihood of hose failure, which can lead to expensive downtime, repairs and safety hazards. 

Faster testing and inspection

Gone are the days when you had to send hoses off for lab testing, which used to take days, or even weeks to get the results. With our handheld XRF analysers we can test products on the spot, getting results within minutes. Faster testing and inspection times ensure we can deliver your hoses quickly, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 

The handheld XRF analyser is more advanced than the older spectrometer devices due to its mobility, quickness, reporting and non-destructive part analysis.

Reduced costs

Using Handheld XRF analysers is a cost-effective method of testing the material composition of hoses. On the spot testing saves downtime and is quicker than traditional methods. The portability of these handheld XRF analysers saves time, and they are easy to use so they require minimal training. 

Positive Material Identification (PMI) Pacific Hoseflex

Handheld XRF analysers enable us to generate lab-quality results on-the-spot. They provide our experienced team with accurate identification of material composition, improve quality control, speed up the testing and inspection process and reduce costs. 

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