Aviation Products

Aviation Products

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To ensure the client receives the highest quality, each product is 100% tested and meticulously inspected by a dedicated quality control position.

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Industrial Rubber Hose – Jet Ranger >

Used in the fueling and defueling of commercial and private aircraft. Resistant to jet fuel and higher aromatic aviation gasolines. Also for use on hydrant service. Meets both API 1529–6th edition, 2005 and European Standard BS EN 1361; 2004.


–   Male BSPP Smooth tail

–   Female BSPP Smooth tail

–   Safety Clamps

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Composite Hose – 700 Aviation >

This range of high quality composite hoses is manufactured from multiple layers of polypropylene fabrics and films. The inner wire helix is 316 stainless steel. AVA SG is the same design as CODE 969, but has a thinner wall thickness therefore the working pressure is decreased. AVA SG is designed for use as a delivery hose of aviation fuel.
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Swivel Joints >

Bearing type: Stainless Steel
Bush Type: PTFE / Brass / Ertalon LFX Nylon
Life Span: 5 years  ( Depends on installation, operating conditions and maintenance )
Pipe loading: Capable up to 150Kg ( Higher on Request )
Size Available: 1/2’’ – 8’’ ( Larger on Request )
Max Temp: – 50°C – 700°C

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Dry Disconnect Hose Couplings >

Connects and disconnects transfer lines with no spillage. The QS is designed for demanding operating conditions and the rigours of marine and industrial environments.

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