Innovative hoses and fittings: the key to offshore oil and gas efficiency

Offshore Oil and Gas Marine

The offshore oil and gas industry is unique in terms of the specialised equipment critical to maintaining operational success. Remote conditions can be harsh, so hoses and fittings need to be durable and high quality to maximise efficiency and continued productivity. 

In the offshore oil and gas industry, hoses and fittings are subjected to stressful conditions such as extreme temperatures, and high pressure and carry corrosive materials. For this reason, hoses and fittings need to be built to withstand these conditions and stand up to ongoing environmental changes. 

Innovative hoses and fittings for the oil and gas industry

The offshore oil and gas industry requires constant innovation and optimisation to ensure components can withstand challenging conditions and efficiency is maximised. Pacific Hoseflex has a range of hoses and fittings designed to serve the offshore oil and gas industry. 

Established in 1994, Pacific Hoseflex is an industry leader in manufacturing and assembling fluid transfer products. We use the most advanced technology in the market to design hoses and assemblies specifically for the offshore oil and gas industry. 

We offer a range of hoses and fittings, including: 

Vitalflex® Seismic Joints

Vitalflex® Seismic joints are suitable for high-movement applications. They can move in all directions and allow pipes to move independently with changing conditions. These joints are an inexpensive alternative to dual-tied bellows expansion joints and ball joints. 

Our Vitaflex® Seismic joints include the Vitalflex® Seismic Joints V Shape and the Vitalflex® Seismic joints U Shape, which are suitable for heating and cooling systems and manufactured to specific standards and regulations. They are also certified by the Australian Gas Approval (AGA).


Metallic Hose Monel.jpg

Metallic Vitalflex® Hoses

The Metallic Vitalflex® Hoses are used for vibration, misalignment and high-temperature mediums. These hoses are designed for the industry and available in various specifications to meet individual requirements. 

Vitalflex® Annular Hose

Vitalflex® High Pressure Hose

Vitalflex® Ultra High Pressure Hose

Vitalflex® Extreme Pressure Hose

PTFE hoses 

Our flexible and durable PTFE hoses can be used for gas, chemicals and hydrocarbon applications and are a great option to combat corrosion, vibration and flexing, preventing flex failure. Our PTFE hoses are supported by extensive research and development to ensure you get the best product on the market. 

Our products are supported by extensive research and development and our technicians go above and beyond to find hoses that suit your needs.

Marine transfer hoses

Hoseflex offer a range of marine transfer hoses, including: 

The Offshore Potable Water Suction/Discharge hose is ozone and seawater resistant and can be used for the suction and delivery of drinking water from ship to oil rig. 

The Offshore Suction/Discharge Mud and Oil Hose is resistant to oil, grease, seawater, ozone and flame retardant. This can be used for suction and delivery for drilling oil rig hose services, petroleum muds and crude oil. 

The Offshore Petrol Oil Suction/Discharge Hose is for crude oil and mixed fuels and is resistant to oil, grease, seawater, ozone and flame retardant. 

Dry disconnect coupling

Dry Disconnect Couplings

Bunkering hoses are assembled with Dry Disconnect Couplings. These are interchangeable with a robust design and ideal for ship component transfer. These couplings are manufactured with 316 stainless steel and are designed to minimise environmental issues by reducing spillage when the coupling is connected and disconnected. 


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Swivel Joint Coupling

In rough seas, our Swivel Joint Coupling is designed to reduce the twisting motion of the bunkering hose when it’s in operation and protect and prolong its lifespan. 

Marine breakaway coupling

Marine Breakaway Joints

Pacific Hoseflex Breakaway Joints have been designed with maximum innovation to help ensure minimal spillage, zero waste and zero environmental impact. 

The Marine Breakaway Joint is calibrated by the predetermined load of the hose. Suppose the supply vessel moves beyond the tensile strength of the hose. In that case, the break studs within the coupling divide instantly, closing the coupling valves, stopping flow, containing the liquid, and only dispersing a minimal amount between the couplings. 

Pacific Hoseflex Oil and Gas 

Watch this video for more information about our fluid transfer products for the oil and gas industry.

Contact Pacific Hoseflex

For more information on our fluid transfer products designed for the offshore oil and gas industry, contact one of the Hoseflex product experts. We’ll be happy to chat with you about your company’s needs and find the perfect solution for your requirements. 

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