Fire Resistant Composite Hose

Fire Resistant Composite Hose Use:
FIRESAFE composite hose utilizes a series of non asbestos barriers to conduct and radiate heat to achieve outstanding fire retardant ability. Rigorous testing by an independent agency has proven FIRESAFE hose still intact and capable of holding product after thirty (30) minutes of severe fire attack. The internal versus external temperature during this test showed an extremely low heat transfer rate maintaining an internal temperature of below 200 degrees Celsius with an external temperature over 800 degrees Celsius.

Even after loss of integrity, FIRESAFE hose will not fail catastrophically. These characteristics coupled with better torque resistance and abrasion resistance compared to metallic flexible hose, make this a viable alternative for bottom loading/ drop hoses.

Applicable Standards
Approved and Tested by:
British Government Department of the Environment
British Fire Research Station
Swedish Fire Service


Inner Wire: Galvanised Steel
Outer Wire: Galvanised Steel

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