VITALFLEX® Bitumen Hose Convoluted

Flexible stainless steel convoluted hose with HYTAR bitumen fittings.

Bitumen Hose Convoluted Hoses
• 2.5 to 3m – for most transfer in the field between sprayers and tankers
• 4 to 5m – for general storage facilities
• 6 to 7m for large storage facilities and areas in depots where access may be limited
• If a length excess of 7m is required, it is recommended that where possible, a combination of fixed pipe and a shorter length hose be used

AS 2475
Corrugated Metal Hose: ISO 10380
AAPA HSEtE Guide No. 7


Size : 2 1/2’’
Max Temp: -276°C to 700°C


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