VITALFLEX® Seismic Joints V Shape

Seismic Joints V Shape Use:
Used in a variety of applications and locations where subject to seismic conditions or large amounts of pipework movement. The random motion common to earthquakes requires that seismic expansion joints to be capable of movement in any direction.

Corrugated Metal Hoses: ISO 10380
AGA Approved: AS 4631:2005 (upon requirement)
Watermark Approved: WMTS 520 (upon request)
Welding Compliant: AS 4041- Class 1 (upon request)
Seismic Rated: AS 1170 (upon request)
Seismic rated: NZS 4219 – 2009 (upon request)
Fire Protection Systems (upon request)



1/4” (06mm) – 16’’ (500mm) (Larger sizes upon Request)


Significant cost and safety benefits found in VITALFLEX® seismic expansion joints
•    It is an inexpensive alternative to dual-tied bellows expansion joints and especially ball joints.
•    During an earthquake, it protects equipment by allowing boilers, chillers, fan-coil units and other systems to move independently from buildings such as hospitals, high rises and stadiums
•    Installation at the connection point, prevents nozzles from cracking or shearing off
•    A break in the gas pipe work could start a fire and cause vast damage to the entire building. This Australian Gas Approval (AGA) certified seismic expansion joint will compensate for the movement that occurs during any seismic activity such as an earthquake
•    Designed for potable water applications the VITALFLEX® joint can be Watermark certified in accordance with WMTS 520:2016


  • V Shape Male
  • 2
  • 3
  • L Shape
  • L Shape 2
  • Phf 1474 Side Vertical 1