VITALFLEX – Certified by WaterMark

Posted on Oct 05, 2017 | Water Treatment

VITALFLEX™ is the world’s first stainless steel hose to
be certified to WaterMark Standard WMTS 520:2016

VITALFLEX™ Straight Assembly

VITALFLEX™ U Shape Assembly

VITALFLEX™ V Shape Assembly


The ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board) requires semi-flexible metallic hose assemblies used for plumbing and drainage to be certified to WaterMark Standard: WMTS 520:2016?


Our certification covers:

Sizes 20mm to 400mm  |  Straight Assemblies |  L Shape Assemblies

U Shape Seismic Joints |  V Shape Seismic Joints



What is WaterMark?

“The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations”
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