Why flexible hoses fail

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There are many reasons why flexible hoses fail. It can be a frustrating and costly experience and can result in manufacturing downtime that costs your business thousands, if not millions of dollars. 

Hose assemblies and flexible hose connections are often the least monitored and regulated manufacturing component. They are plagued by expectations that they should continue to operate under a wide variety of physical stresses, no matter the conditions. 

Like all other components of manufacturing systems, flexible hose connections are prone to failure. Regular, comprehensive inspections are essential to prolong the life expectancy and durability of your hoses and connections. 

As a third generation Australian owned and operated business, the experienced team at Pacific Hoseflex have encountered the many different ways flexible hoses can fail. 

Reasons for flexible hose failure: 

1. Design failure

2. Installation failure

3. Failure due to incorrect use

4. Failure due to improper maintenance or storage.

Design failure

  • Movement beyond capabilities of hose connection.
  • Abrasion to flexible hose cover.
  • Installation beyond design.
  • Hose reels.

Installation failure

  • Horizontal hook-ups.
  • Stress caused by bending.
  • Directly clamping to the pipe.

To help avoid improper installation, consult our installation guides

Failure due to incorrect use

  • Plastic hose kinking.
  • Compromise to the hose liner.
  • Too much pressure within hoses.
  • Swelling of hose body.
  • Fitting slips or releases.
  • Fitting corrosion.
  • Pitting corrosion.
  • Clamp integrity.
  • Reinforcement oxidisation.
  • Reinforcement failure – flexible metal or Fluoropolymer-lined hose, fire hose, helix disengagement.
  • Cover abrasion.
  • Discolouring of cover.
  • Cover failure.

Failure due to improper maintenance or storage

  • Irregular change-out schedules.
  • Inadequate housekeeping.

At Pacific Hoseflex we stock a range of quality PTFE hoses and fittings. Our products are supported by extensive research and development and our technicians go above and beyond to find hoses that suit your needs.

If you’d like more information regarding our flexible hoses and fittings, contact our QLD office on 07 5593 4292, or email salesqld@hoseflex.com.au, or if you’re in WA call us on 08 9468 2840 or email saleswa@hoseflex.com.au


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