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VITALFLEX® Stainless Steel Hose

The VITALFLEX® stainless steel flexible hose is available in different grades of stainless steel including 304, 316, 321, Monel & Inconel. Certified to Australian Gas Association (AGA), potable water (watermark), tested to NATA Specific Accreditation Criteria and welded to AS 4041 standards, and ISO 10380.

VITALFLEX® stainless steel hoses are the most superior range of flexible metal hoses on the global market and offer high temperature hoses that withstand a range of variable temperatures.

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Watermark Braided Stainless Steel Hose

Watermark stainless steel braided hoses are a premium choice for plumbing applications, designed to offer exceptional durability and flexibility. These hoses are encased in a tightly woven stainless steel braid that protects the inner tubing material from damage and external forces, ensuring a long service life. This protective layer is particularly effective against leaks and burst pipes, making them ideal for areas subject to high water pressure or frequent movement. Moreover, the stainless steel provides a sleek, modern aesthetic that is resistant to corrosion and discoloration. Watermark certification indicates that these hoses meet stringent Australian standards for quality and safety, providing further assurance of their reliability in both residential and commercial settings.

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VITALFLEX® Flexible Stainless Steel Hose - Uses

There are many uses for this flexible metal hose. Chemicals, Fuels, Gas (Hydrogen, Liquefied Petroleum Gas – LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas – LNG, Coal Seam Gas – CSG, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon), well heads, Ship to ship and ship to shore, Cryogenic Liquids, Condensate line, Coolants, Chlorine, town Water, Sea water, Waste and slurries, Oil and petroleum products, Hydrocarbons, Steam, Engine exhaust, Pumps and generators, Tank transfer, Food and Beverage, Compressed air, Hydraulic and Grains and powers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes VITALFLEX® hoses suitable for pipe work design?

VITALFLEX® stainless steel flexible hoses are specifically designed to achieve multiple objectives in pipe work design, including absorption of vibration, operation under vacuum, handling temperature extremes, suppressing rigid pipe noise, accommodating reciprocating and flexing movement, functioning under high pressures (including vacuum), and adjusting for misalignment.

What materials are VITALFLEX® hoses available in?

VITALFLEX® metal hoses come in different grades of stainless steel, such as 304, 316, 321, Monel, and Inconel, ensuring durability and versatility.

What applications is the VITALFLEX® hose suitable for?

The VITALFLEX® stainless steel hose serves a wide range of applications, including handling chemicals, fuels, gases (such as Hydrogen, LPG, LNG), well heads, ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore transfers, cryogenic liquids, condensate lines, coolants, chlorine, town water, sea water, waste and slurries, oil and petroleum products, hydrocarbons, steam, engine exhaust, pumps and generators, tank transfers, food and beverage, compressed air, hydraulic systems, and grains and powers.

What certifications does the VITALFLEX® hose hold?

The VITALFLEX® braided Watermark hose is certified to meet rigorous standards, including Australian Gas Association (AGA) certification, ISO 10380, potable water (Watermark) compliance, and testing to NATA Specific Accreditation Criteria. It is also welded to AS 4041 standards, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.

Are VITALFLEX® hoses suitable for high-temperature applications?

Yes, VITALFLEX® high temperature hoses are designed to handle high temperatures, making them suitable for applications involving elevated heat levels.

How does the VITALFLEX® hose stand out in the market?

The VITALFLEX® hose is considered the most superior range of flexible metal hoses globally. Its exceptional quality, compliance with industry standards, and availability in various stainless steel grades make it a top choice for diverse applications.