Stainless Steel 316

The latest in Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling technology The KLAW Cryobreak Breakaway Coupling minimises the risk of cryogenic media spills; this reduces the risk of both damage to assets and injury to personnel in the event of a drive-off or extreme pressure flow.

  • Minimum headloss – reduces impact on your general operation.
  • Compact and lightweight – enables easy handling and moving of the coupling.
  • Simple to operate and maintain – each unit is supplied with a detailed Installation and Maintenance Manual.
  • The KLAW Cryobreak takes advantage of KLAW Flip-Flap Valve and Breakstud technology.
  • KLAW Flip-Flap Valve technology eliminates the risk of Partial Break – activation and therefore flow closure can be instigated with a single Breakstud release.
100% instantaneous closure of both upstream and downstream flow – minimizes the risk of spills and clean-up costs.

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