Quick facts about the Australian petroleum industry

Onshore Oil and Gas

There have been many changes in the Australian petroleum industry since oil was first produced and sold in 1886. As it stands, the four refineries in Australia now meet approximately 64% of petrol demand onshore and 48% of overall fuel demands.

The growth of Australian petroleum imports reflects the gap between the fuel demand onshore and the production of petroleum from Australia’s 4 refineries, which are in constant competition with Asian counterparts.

Overall decline in petrol use

In addition to the competition from Asian imports, there is an overall decline in petrol usage in Australia. Australians are using 3% less fuel, which can be contributed to Australians purchasing new vehicles with better fuel efficiency. There’s also a decline of more than 45% in the use of regular unleaded petrol (ULP), with new vehicles recommending higher octane fuels or ethanol blends.

Australians are using 3% less fuel, which can be contributed to Australians purchasing new vehicles with better fuel efficiency.

To maintain a strong foothold in the industry, Australian refineries have had to revaluate their operational efficiencies, cost control and look at integrating into the petroleum markets in Asia.

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As well as improving the efficiency of refineries, there has also been a substantial investment in pipeline infrastructure, domestic storage facilities and refinery reliability and productivity, to secure Australia’s place in the worldwide petroleum market.

Refineries contribute to the local economy

Every year Australian refineries spend hundreds of millions of dollars contributing to the local economy. They purchase goods and services and create employment and business opportunities for countless Australians.

Over $2 billion invested into cleaner fuels

Over the last decade, the Australian petroleum refining industry has invested more than $2 billion to the Cleaner Fuels Program.

The Australian State and Territories’ Cleaner Fuels Program is an initiative to produce petrol and diesel fuels that contribute to a reduction in the amount of motor vehicle emissions. With a focus on creating both high quality fuels and the environmental performance of fuels, including biofuels, this initiative is taking a future forward approach to the ongoing sustainability of the industry.

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